You dont need a play account to download apps from google


heres a piece of information that is going to get you hooked on android for sure. i hope i dont ruin this for myself and others that know about this, but
here goes because i love what google did with linux for phones, but i hate how they sold their soul to uncle sam. and then they the nerve to sell my keystrokes to addfirms around the globe? goodbye google hello duckduckgo!

now for the goods - you dont need a google username to download apps from google playstore. so be completely free to delete all your records from their cloud (there are alot of hidden avenues they utilize in the settings to keep your files so you need to be very thourough, and then before you delete your goog account forever be sure and insert tons of false info into all the goog accounts using an obfuscation program.

now for the real how…
get an app called ‘yalp store’ i think f-droid is where i got it. it uses a central framework with its own google id, and acts as a proxy hub so you can download any app from the appstore without having direct association with the sellout giant.

you heard it here first. leave me a high 5 if you get this before some dead weight decides to have it deleted!