Xiaomi Mi a3 miui, could not find flash_all.bat

I am trying to unroot flashboot of my xiaomi mi a3 device but when i followed your tutorial on unrooting, there was an error on flash. It says flash_all.bat is missing and I could not flash it. What mi a3 miui should I download to be able to flash my device? Thank you

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Which rom where version were u on before??

Sorry we took so long to answer I was in the middle of somthing

hello I can’t unlock mi a3 bootloader

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If I enable usb debugging and set usb configuration to file transfer you should be able to unlock your bootloader.as far as flash all.bat if I extra t your miui rom it’s under firmware folder in the extracted folder

Error occured when i was flashing , “Flash tz_a error”.
I highly appreciate your help.

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It says “Flashing is not allowed in locked state”

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Ok u must unlock your bootloader

Here watch this kk it should guide you

Sorry to be bothering you but how should I unlock bootloader, my phone won’t open. It is stuck on fastboot mode.

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Your welcome

Yes use fastboot mode to unlock it

I sent a vid in the comment above

But first do u have international or Chinese version??

Thank you for the video but my phone is not logged in to a xiaomi account, and I won’t be able to log in since I can’t open it.

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Ok did you try to volume down and power to reboot the phone or type fastboot reboot??

volume down and power reboot doesn’t work
how do i type fastboot reboot? where to do i type it?

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Go to start menu on pc type cmd it will bring up a command window, but first you will need to install fastboot.zip and extract it into download floder

I’ll give a link

Then when that done let me know I’ll help you kk

fastboot reboot doesn’t work either, my phone is still stuck on fastboot huhu

is this right?

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Did u ever install fastboot.zip into pc??