Xiaomi Mi 8 has entered a boot loop after following the tutorial

Yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and root my phone (so that I could lower my clocks and change power governer due to battery issues.) I found Max Lee’s tutorial and decided to follow it until the end. The issue came when, after rebooting at the end of the tutorial, I was stuck in a boot loop instead of being taken to a rooted phone. Since I used the tutorial that is on this website, I was hoping someone here would know how to fix this.

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Are you following my universal guide?

Yes. The only thing that happened differently was that the fastboot command prompt didn’t work on my desktop so I continued the process on my laptop where it worked. I also used the newest version of magisk and twrp.

which command didn’t work? That could be the culprit?

The command ‘Fastboot flash recovery ‘twrp name’ was the one that didn’t work on my desktop.

Oh you need to flash that. What was actual error message?

There was none. I pressed enter and nothing happened.

Also, should I use the patches that you mentioned in this post. They weren’t mentioned in the post so I’m asking you before I get myself into a deeper mess.


That’s only needed if there exists no twrp recovery but if you have twrp you don’t need it. But the patch method works for all phones. If u just need root just use that guide.

Just to confirm, I should use the pixel guide that’s on there?

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Yes it works for all Xiaomi also and OnePlus.