Would the universal method of rooting samsung devices work on the A7 2017


So i want to root my a7 2017 (Android 8) using the universal method. So do i have to download the no_verity and the RMM_State zip files?


You may have to yes. Doesn’t hurt to flash so I would flash then actually as it seems like A7 also has 7-day jail.


Im actually worried rooting this device because when i tried to root using cf_autoroot it said “The integrity verification of this device has failed. Please restore to factory defaults.”


yes it most likely has 7-day jail then. You have to make sure to not reboot after flashing TWRP.


And i got another question, can we still flash the dm_verity, and the RMM_STATE BYPASS on like older models such as the S5, S3. Will it harm the device?


No absolutely not. You can flash them fine.


Can you please show me a tutorial on youtube for the A7 2017? I would really appreciate it


Yes so long as you can find the TWRP for it, you can use the guide here: How to Install TWRP & Root w/ Magisk on Samsung Android! [UNIVERSAL METHOD]


So in theory, everything should work properly after rooting right? Such as service, camera, etc.


Yes everything except Samsung pay and secure folder.