Worst Tutorial EVER!


I’d like to know just who is it that is in charge here. I wish to make a complaint. I was doing a little research and ran across this on your web page. https://highonandroid.com/android-howtos/how-to-install-android-6-0-marshmallow-rom-using-twrp-failproof-method/#comment-107557
This is the most God awful post I have ever seen. The person who posted the tutorial left many things out. Rooting the device may be neccessary first off along with unlocking the bootloader on some. When a recovery is installed so is a Superuser. that was also missed. There were more mistakes, but the biggest one was where he mentioned install the ROM, then wipe the device. Oh, my, you gotta be kidding me is what I think. Knowing how to build and/or install ROMs, recoveries, applications or even apks seems beyond Mr. Max lee’s abilities here. His post is the cause of problems for many people I noticed. there is no disclaimer also. So someone could have put themselves, (namely Mr. Lee) in possibly a very bad position and may be held legally responsible. I fully wish to flag the post. It’s damaging to say the least. I don’t understand how it stayed up this long, being so horribly wrong! There should be some common ground of decency reguarding posts like the one I wish to complain of. Never, should one this bad, even make it to the web. It is far from being applicable to most people. I’m going to make a copy of, and send it too Google Plus. Fair warning is, in effect! Take it down, or i’ll surely make sure Google Plus does!