Whats up fellow programmers

Hi I am Russ Campbell, I operate a BBS, write programs for it, and want to learn how to program for the Android. I am just learning C, but my most used program is QB64, or Quick Basic 64. For those of you who are interested my page on Github is under rcamp48, my YouTube page is under Red Rock Video Productions, I have made over 400 videos and have never charge a cent, but thats another story.

I am sending out a big hello to Lee Max , the admin here, , it is because of his videos that I am here and willing to spend 18 hours a day programming and writing or even testing C programs , you are of course welcome to my BBS , once i get it back up and running again, it is called Spy Visits Spy BBS , I have a telnet side and a web page side running under Winserver 8, with 8 TBs storage space, and 16 GBs ram and 1 G per second internet.

I am willing also to host a backup web site on my machine , it is totally private, tomorrow i will work on it and get it back up and running, (major system crash)… but hey that happens. (Luckily I had a backup on my cloud server).

The address for my BBS is at either www.spyvisitsspybbs.com or Telnet://spyvisitsspybbs.com port 1990, always willing to help out someone like you Lee Max.

Russ Campbell


I used to use a BBS back in 1990. Welcome to the forum. :wink:

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Thanks you, the BBS is up and running , both the web side and the Telnet side but it needs work.


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Yes welcome

I was wondering , is there a newer stable OS for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Elite T113- or T-133SU ? Both work on my tablet but there are problems with lineage 14 will anything higher work on that tablet ? Russ


Sure if they make one for it just need to look xda forums

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