What do you think is the reason why sailfish and other linux os

Arent more popular amongst modders u know what i mean like why isnt sailfish getting more popular since it can run adroid apps or other linux os out there u would think they would be more popular so i wonder if there was a specific reason for it like technical orsomething?

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Well I think linux isent a popular cuz it’s more of a neish type software a little difficult to learn after using android for so long maybe that’s why??

But i have seen videos of forexample sailfish and it seems easy to use and lightweight so even older devices can run it smoothly so makes me wonder for the custom rom people it be perfect to mess around with and for people with phones deemed obsolete to get a second chance …figured it might have been a technical problam maybe

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Sailfish is what exactly I can’t remember lol

Back when the giant that was nokia was getting its ass kicked by apple they quiklly started making there own modern operating system called meego by the end alas it was to late nokia was struggling and got sold to microsoft.

They did end up releasing a phone with the new meego os called nokia n9 but microsoft made it to expencsive basiclly pricing itsellf out the market so they can push for the window phone.

Later some people working at nokia didnt like this whole windows thing so they left adn started there own business called jolla and make there own os based on meego which they ended up calling sailfish.

Wich is a lightweight secure platform cappable of running android apps they brought out 1 phone themsellfs running sailfish later a tablet eventuelly made a sailfish version specificlly called sailfish x for sony and i believe they have made several phones with sailfish u can upgrade to cost like 50 euro i believe there is a free version to try it out but i believe it is restricted.

I mean u yuorsellf can change it to sailfish x on surtent models as far as i know u cant get them out the factorey using sailfish x