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HI Max

I tried to root my Samsung note 9 SM-N960F/DS as shown in your youtube video everything went fine but now my sim cannot be detected is there a solution to this can you please help me.

Thank you.


Try reflashing stock firmware first.


Hello hello, nice to be here, your review videos are what brought me here Max, keep it going :-}) I have been living without a smart phone since my note 5 got rained on through the empty s-pen hole :’-( So, been using computers to get by but, Alas a new smart phone is almost impossible to live without these days. Looking at the new PocophoneF1, however was hoping It would work on the new oogle Fi and it seems it doesn’t :frowning: honestly my old Note 5 was my favorite phone EVER, the new notes are just big bank so, gotta wait and save iguess…


Hi there I am new to your dite been subfor a while your videos are awesome. I have a Huawei p8litr im trying to root but not managing is there any way you can help:):slight_smile:


All Huawei phones have locked bootloaders and Huawei has stopping unlocking bootloaders like a year ago so no root for ANY Huawei phones unless they were rooted before that.


Thanks very much for the help