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Welcome to the new HighOnAndroid.com forum!

I made this new forum to make discussions better on rooting Android, modding Android, or installing custom ROMs. My vision is to make a better Android forum where everyone has an equal opportunity without prejudice nor the drama. Feel free to introduce yourself here!

For those of you new to the community, I have been rooting Android and making tutorials ever since the Nexus One came out back in 2011. My goal is to make the best easy-to-follow tutorial that any 7-year old or 70-year old can follow. While rooting and custom ROMs are usually out of reach unless you are a computer expert, I hope my tutorials make it better available to those who want to also do it without the knowledge. I will try to help as many people as possible but sometimes it is hard as I am only one human being. I created this forum especially for the noobs out there, and I hope you guys all end up with a good ROM on your phone and enjoy custom ROMs.

Currently running S9 ROM on my Note 8, S7, S8+, tinkering with my new Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6.

Best, Max Lee
Founder of HighOnAndroid

“Please stay HIGH on Android!”


Hi, this is my first time visit.


Great work Max. Your tutorials are so simple to follow. I find the other Forum website with an X in it messy and too hard to follow. Keep up the good work


Welcometo the new forum bro!


Sup Jamie! Nice to see my aussie here!


Hello from Spain…


Como estas? Donde estas en Spain?


Hola Max, I’m in Rota, across the bay from Cádiz. I’ve been following your various pages ever since the S3 I think it was. Passed through an S5, Note 2, Note 4 and now an S7 edge. I’m a little burned out at changing roms all the time and have stuck with Alexander’s rom for over a year now…
I also enjoyed your videos on drones.
Best regards,


Hey Max. Thanks for the forum. Been following you for so long now. Probably close to an OG. We’re talking all the way back to the old Droid Razr Maxx days and Safestrap :slight_smile:. Love your work man. Really like the new Android 101 series coupled with this forum. Great for both old and new Android enthusiasts.


Hello friends I am from Puerto Rico glad to be on this
Site . Max your work is great keep up the good work


Thanks 4 having me… Already finding things quite helpful.



New Here Just Wanted To Say Hello And Can’t Wait To Get To Know All Of Ya All.


newbie here hi everyone


Hi, there from IL! Thanks for having me. This forum is a breath of fresh air… thanks again. :kissing_heart:


Welcome MegaMan! I used to play that game in the 90s.


Hi everyone, im zool from malaysia, been follow max since nexus 5 came out,


Sup Zool! Nice to see you again!!!


Hi! I’ve been following you since pretty much day 1 :heart_eyes:. You are awesome and love the new forum :purple_heart:. You have helped me so much in the past with several devices through the years. I haven’t needed to root in awhile since newer samsungs I haven’t needed to :wink: but still keep tabs on you and show my support for your channel :blush:. I like to say thank you for all you do and have done.

Tanya aka TechLuvnMomma :wink:


Welcome to the forum Tanya!


Hi Max, I watched your tutorials several years ago.I learned I could’nt put a custom ROm on my Galaxy S4 SCH-1545. a gave up and now I’m back. I’m finally done with that phone, got a free Core Prime to practice on, and the first success was installing TWRP . Having trouble finding a ROM for it that I trust. So I watched another tutorial of yours today and that one has convinced me to replace the digitizer screen on my Note 3 and give it a go on Oreo 8. Still looking to try a ROM for the CoreP if you have any suggestions.