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Good day, and thank you ahead of time!

The phone:

The story:
Tried to do the fastboot reboot bootloader and the fastboot flashing unlock. When I did the fastboot reboot bootloader the only thing I got on the phone was at the very bottom it says fast boot mode with three dots. I went on to do fastboot OEM unlock and it gave me something about a server and killing the server. I did not do the kill command. So I went on to do fastboot flashing unlock. All I get from that was “waiting for any device”. I sat there for quite a while. So I unplugged the phone, probably a bad idea. I researched a little bit and found this thread. The phone won’t turn off so I can’t do the holding down of volume up and down and the power button. I plugged the phone back in and did ADB reboot bootloader and it tells me “error: no device / emulators found.” Then I did fastboot flashing unlock and it tells me “waiting for any device” again. Is there any hope for me.?

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Yes you can you got to force a reboot by holding volume down and power that will force the phone to reboot and then when the screen goes black then you do your volume up volume down to get into recovery whatever you got to do

Thank you so much for getting back with me quickly. Strangely enough when the phone timed out and when I restarted it it simply booted back up normally. In the boot menu I did a clearing of the cash and restored the phone to day one.

So should I just try the instructions again in order to prepare the phone to receive a generic Android install?

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Yes u can


U can try the auto installer .omg if u have a a/b slot device

Hello Gregory,
Thank you very much for all that insight and help. It means a lot. I may do the auto installer. Which of all the Android OS versions would you suggest to install? This phone has 2 gigs of RAM 12 gigs of storage and an ARMv7 processor.

Again, thank you!

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That’s just for the GSI roms but any r good havoc rom is good

Thank you so much for that quick reply.

Could I install one and try it out for a while, then install another and try it for a while? Are they open source and free (donations accepted) or are they pretty expensive?

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Yes you can

Sounds like fun! I’m going to try it out. Thank you so much for your YouTube videos and this website it opens up a whole new world. Thank you so much!

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Open soruce

Thank you!

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Your welcome