Verification failed

I am having a problem with my phone which is Samsung s8 . So I tried to root my phone using Odin and when the whole process finished andI turn on the phone, it showed ‘‘Verification failed’’ and in this it telling me to reset my device and I do that, but my phone keeps going into this blue screen and saying erasing and reboot aging and aging till the battery become 0 %. I try to reset using the volume up and power and Bixby button, but I cannot go with that mood and I cannot go to download mood too :slight_smile: . i wanted to attach a video of this problem, but the site does let me do it. Help please !

You may be on newer Android version. Try reflashing stock firmware for now and wait 7 days to try again. Instead of rooting, try installing TWRP recovery then flash a custom ROM, that will get you off Samsung cock blocks.