USB-C 5g modem?

I have often encountered artificial barriers imposed by technicians at cellular carriers (even when the carriers themselves don’t impose them). Most often in the activation process, the reactivation process (when carriers upgrade things on their end and many devices quit working) and in tethering (“we don’t allow tethering with Linux. You must use Windows 10 only or 95.”) Usually these technicians are very concerned about the apps and software on my devices and insist on a factory reset or complete reinstall (and guess what, resetting my devices has never fixed their system). Eventually I get past that garbage but I thought has occured to me. Suppose I get a 5g cellular modem with a SIM slot that plugs into a USB port? Then carriers have no need to waste time telling me what software i must use on all my devices. Is there such a thing as a usb 5g cell modem for data as well as voice?

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Not quite sure if there is just yet

Greetings, have you seen this?

Yes, but that device does not list telephony(voice) or sms in its features. Also no VoLTE that might replace voice but I’m not sure.