Unlocked Note 9 512


Hey Max,
I saw your video about Pixel 3 on Note 9, and you said U.S. model unable to unlock bootloader.
Does that mean that I can’t ever root this unlocked U.S. note 9? I am within the return policy.
What is the best replacement for this note 9 that I can unlock and put custom rom on?
I am a longtime subscriber by the way :slight_smile:
Should I get Pixel 3? Other suggestions?


Nope US models ALL have locked bootloaders. If you have GSM network such as ATT or TMOBILE, return and grab the Exynos version on eBay.


That sucks! Do you recommend a different phone with similar stats? I also notice that the international versions on Ebay say they have no warranty. Does that sound right? Would you still do that?
Also, I am on tmobile. If you would still suggest the note 9, will the international model be able to function on all of tmobile frequencies? Will I lose any functionality in any way?
Should I get a different phone?


Yes for TMobile you can grab the Exynos model. Although there isn’t warranty you can grab a 3rd party insurance if needed. I use my phone carefully with a case so I never mess up my phone. TMobile bands work the same with support for all 4G LTE. I have not bought U.S. models for several years now.


Thanks Max…what are your thoughts on the One Plus 6T? Rootable? And how does that compare yo Note 9?


Yes I have 6T coming next week, I personally prefer the 6 but all OnePlus phones are awesome for rooting and does not void warranty. Note 9 is a better phone in terms of more features and Spen but OP6T is faster.


Ok. So I should return Note 9 and get the OnePlus6 then? Better than the 6T? I saw your video about the comparison. I’ve been watching your videos for years…you really know your stuff. Also the Ramen videos:)
So, between the OnePlus6 and the Note9, can you give me pluses and minuses please?


Note 9 has much longer battery and it is really a all-around swiss knife while OnePlus 6 is much slimmer and got fast performance.

Maybe I will do a video on it soon.