Unbrick Onepus 6T


Hi there. I am a a bit of a root-moron and have bricked my brand new Oneplus 6T while rooting it. Now I am stuck in a bootloop that ONLY cycles through the fastboot.

I can no longer enter into recovery mode from fastboot.

I can not use the MSM Download tool because the phone will not go into MSM Mode. Whenever I connect to the USB the phone automatically “wakes up” and immediately goes into fastboot.

When I hold the power button + volume up it just cycles through all the fastboot options and when it does eventually power down / screen goes black, it immediately powers back up and does the exact same thing.

So I simply cant get into MSM mode or recovery mode. I don’t know what to do and fear that the phone may be totally f#cked.

I welcome assistance from anyone here who actually knows what they are doing vs me who knows close to nothing. Help please!


Hold the power volume up for a long time. I had the same until I held the buttons way longer. Follow Max’s instructions carefully! Good luck!