Ubuntu touch for op3t/op3

The other week I learned about ubuntu touch from my friend TK bay and xda it’s a distro of linux os for android it’s still in development for this device so it still has many bugs it’s not meant for a daily driver.butif u would like to test it out here is the method for installing it

Step 1. U must download and install the ubports installer on to your pc.

Step 2. Install twrp onto your op3/3t then do a full wipe cashes/dalvic cashes/system/data then format data.

Step 3.plug your device into the pc then run the installer u downloaded.

Step 4. Finally follow the install instruction on your pc and click install that’s it.

HAPPY FLASHING!!!:grin::grin::grin::grin:
Then enjoy video will be out soon then I’ll post it

Ubuntu Touch is pretty awesome. I had it on a Nexus 6P and it was fun to play around with.

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Yeah just did it 2 days ago it’s awesome

It’s also really cool running full blown Ubuntu and Kali Linux on phones using Linux Deploy.

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Ic still getting used to it atm