TWRP Flash Pixel3

Hi Max,
I’ve learned a lot from you. I’ve been following you for a long time.
I have an important question concerning twrp & pixel3…I get that you must flash the twrp zip whenever you install a new rom…What about when you restore a back up you have saved do you have to reflash twrp also?
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When you say restored a backup what do you mean exactlly restore it trough twrp or other means?

If use twrp to backup u can also use twrp to restore the backup.

If you mean through others means then i dont know the awnser to that.

Hower if u would reflash a stock rom forexample then it will delete twrp so if u ever want to do that know u will have to reflash twrp after.

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what I mean specifically is if you have a backup on twrp of another rom (for instance you have a backup of pixel dust rom) & you want to flash dirty unicorns …you than decide to go back to pixel dust do you have to reflash twrp upon reflashing pixel dust?

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No, u dont need to reflash twrp if u change custom rom using twrp itself and then go back to the backup u made with twrp.

Also dirty unicorns lmao what a name how do they come up with it.

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Do they need to wipe data from within TWRP before restoring backup?

Or does TWRP wipe as part of the restore? I never have wiped data when restoring, but it was a previous version of same OS.

U need to wipe the old rom first from within twrp otherwise u do a so called a dirty flash wich is a big risk never do that.

Years ago, TWRP would do the wipe as part of the restoration of the backup. I can’t find anything listed for recent years, however.

Oh i see i always read to wipe it yourself so beter to be safe then sorry i geuss

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So true!

I’m rooted I didn’t flash twrp yet…I need it…I’m scared of bricking it…I’m putting in(not on purpose ) the wrong codes for flashing the img file…This is my 1st time getting a phone I can’t take the battery out…my first new style phone in 6yrs

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I was under the impression TWRP was installed already and that is where you were restoring a backup?
You can boot TWRP, “fastboot boot twrp.img” then flash the img from there. Make sure you have the correct TWRP for your device. Pixel 3 is here:

I just got this phone …I didn’t install twrp yet I asked for when I do a backup of my current rom I’m nervous about messing up the phone …I having a hard time with the cmd I’m putting the wrong img file. I told you this is my first new style device in 6yrs

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I will see if I can find an easy step-by-step video or written instructions… unless somebody here beats me to it:)

:+1: :+1: thanks

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Here’s the first one I found:)

I saw this …I was following it…I don’t have cynogen mod recovery …so I kind of got lost .

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I will keep looking. I am pretty sure gregoryaul has done at least one and has the knowledge if not a video, too.


You only have to reflash twrp if u flash a stock rom custom roms you don’t have to

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They do not have TWRP installed yet. They are looking for an easy to follow, step by step method:)

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