TWRP Disappeared After Installing a Fastboot to Fix a Softbrick from Updating Rom on Redmi 7a 2021

Hi, This is actually my first time here in this community forum and I have a problem. First of all, I’m a kind of person who doesn’t know much about stuff like tweaking the systems within the android but I am willing to learn to so I am able to fix a certain problems of my own. So here’s the summary of my problem. A few months ago, I followed a video on youtube about installing a twrp and magisk so I can root my phone. They have different approaches or files to use which left me confused but eventually I unlocked my phone, installed TWRP, and magisk but it didn’t show up as ‘rooted’ status. After a couple of attempts I gave up on doing it.

A few months have passed and it’s 2021, a new MIUI 12 has finally arrived for my Redmi 7a device and I downloaded it, and rebooted it within my phone, and also installed it with my existing twrp. It all went well 'till it crashed on me and eventually got me in a soft boot. A couple of hours later, I fixed it by flashing a new fastboot for miui12 by downloading another one from the web. The softboot was fixed, finally, but my twrp disappeared from my phone. I tried to reboot my phone again to recovery mode but it shows the default stock recovery instead of the twrp. I also thought that maybe if I could install the twrp to the newest version of rom in my phone, I might also get to work to fully root my phone as well. But I’m confused, tired, and hungry as I’m typing this around 5am in the morning to continue it. Afraid to accidentally brick my phone again, idk who should I follow since some of the vids from yt were uploaded couple of years ago, and was hoping if there was a latest but I found none. Maybe if someone can help me with this problem of my own.

(PS: This is actually my first time posting my problem in a forum. If you find this ridiculous, or one of those stupid questions to ask from, I apologize for the advance and will remove this topic as soon as I get back in this forum. I really have no idea about some stuff like this. Last time I tried to the root thing was from my previous phone which was way back 2012 or 2014, where things can be easily rooted with a push of a button in a screen.)

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Miui software over writes twrp to elevate this problem I advise u to install a custom rom of any type as long as it’s made for your device