TWRP 3.6.0 Released


This is might mean the beginning of the end for twrp or any custom recovery for android well not beginning this has been seen comming years ago…

Support for Android 11 is supposed to be in TWRP 3.6.0, for some devices. I have not used TWRP since my Pixel 1 XL, which is at Android 10. And, fwiw, the TWRP backup does not work with that phone. Almost completes then errors out. Common problem related to the Pixel 1 series and TWRP.

if you dont use twrp what custom recovery do you use ? or do you just use adb/fastboot?

point is with each new android version it took longer and longer and now the new android version has all ready been out for a while and then it starts all over again…

I just download the latest platform tools and use adb/fastboot.

The way Android 11 was redesigned took a lot of work for TWRP, from what I understand.

I still use TWRP for my tablets.

Will you switch now that twrp is finished work on an11 ? it is easier

Definitely maybe.

Huh ?

It was actually a song from 1972 album, Jeff Beck Group called Definitely Maybe.

But, it also is a literal meaning of the words definitely and maybe, like something that you think you might do, but are not certain about when.

So, when I am sure everything is transferred from one phone to my newer phone, I will do it, but not sure when that will be.


Learned something new today hahaha

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TWRP 3.6.0 works with various Android 11 roms quite nicely:)

Did you install it ?

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Yes. It notifies when TWRP finished installing, that root was removed. Have not fully tested, but seems to ready to use for devices on the list.

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Installed Lineage OS 18.1 and Magisk 24.1. TWRP made rooting a lot easier in less steps since it can be done from TWRP (on a Pixel 3a XL). Also, found when installing Magisk 24.1 it is best to uninstall any previous version, modules first. Made nice clean Magisk install.

Lineage OS overwrites TWRP recovery with its own, if you let it. TWRP has a box to tick to avoid that situation.