Twitter install issue

Have recently installed the Resurrection Remix Android 8.1 Oreo onto my Samsung S5.
Installation had a slight hiccup … but thanks to ‘blueswerks’ the problem was quickly resolved and the install completed without further error.

Everything looks to be ok at this stage apart from the fact that I cannot get the ‘Twitter’ app to run properly.
I have reinstalled it a couple of times and on each occasion when trying to run it … it starts to load partially and then the phone reboots.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Never ran into that it could be a bug in the rom.
Try to install another rom and try again

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Maybe try an older version of Twitter from APKPure or APKMirror
Make sure you clear both the cache and storage of the current Twitter app install before uninstalling.

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Try a twitter lite app. A temporary solution that will save storage space on your phone as well is to run twitter from your internet browser. I run Facebook, Instagram and twitter from Google Chrome to save space on my phone. So I don’t have those three apps on my phone.