Treble Toolkit, a software that helps to make flashing gsi easier

Read the read on xda see below

Also want to add i tried it but it didnt work for me i had some kind of issui but was the same one when i tried it myself using fastboot so i ended up doing it a difrent way.

and below here a howto from the creator of the program.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you are finding Treble Toolkit hard to use. Here are some instructions:

1 - Gathering Information

1.1 - Check if your phone is compatible with Project Treble

1.2 - Check your phone’s partition scheme

Note: If your device is running Android 11 or later, then you will have the A/B scheme

2 - Gathering Files

2.1 - Download a GSI of your liking that matches your phone’s partition scheme and architecture

Note: On my experience with devices that have small system partitions, I recommend using arm builds instead of arm64.

2.2 - Download your boot.img & vendor.img (Optional)

Note: You will most likely not need this

2.3 - Update the bootloader drivers (Windows 10+)

Since an update, you will need to boot your phone in the bootloader mode, connect it to your PC, then open your PC’s settings, go to “Update & Security”, “Windows Update”, “Check For Updates”. Once you have checked for updates, select “Show Optional Updates”, check the Android Bootloader Interface one and press update.

3 - Flashing Time

3.1 - Open Treble Toolkit, select Flash GSI (Select A if your device doesn’t support the A/B partition scheme and A/B if it does)

3.2 - Select “Next”

3.3 - A new window will pop up where you can drag your GSI’s *.img file. Do that.

Note: If your GSI is not in *.img format (e.g. *.img.xz), then you need to extract it first.

3.4 - Connect your device in fastboot mode (or ADB if you have debugging enabled and have authorized the PC)

3.5 - Press “Next”

4 - Enjoy!

Note: If your device bootloops, please try other GSIs before reporting an issue, and please send feedback on your device to get a chance of participating on the Compatible Devices Program (unlock Device Specific Features on select models)

And how do you flash it in super partion

This wont work for you.

can this work on tecno camon 17 it has super partion and fasboot

I dont know u could try it ?

Buddy u missed the thread i made about found somebody on xda who could help u he went trough the same thing as you did with your samsung note 10 lite he needs to know what model version phone yours is looks something like this SM-N770F/xx respond quik!

Hy i sold that phone since i got no other option of installing custom now i have tecno camon 17 and it has ab partions tried installing rom at first it opened the after changing another rom ot bootlooped can you help me