Terminal Emulator applypatch fail (LG V20 root)

new VS995 with no service

Got as far as RUNMEFIRST.bat and step1.bat.

Installed Terminal Emulator app from Jack Palevich.
This is what Terminal Emulator app did on phone:

elsa:/ $ id
… context=u:r:untrusted_app_25:s0:c512:c768 …
elsa:/ $ applypatch /system/bin/atd /storage/emulated/0/dirtysanta

usage: applypatch [-b bonus-file>] src-file> tgt-file>
tgt-sha1> tgt-size> [src-sha1>:patch> …]
or applypatch -c file> [sha1> …]
or applypatch -s bytes>
or applypatch -l

Filename may be of the form
to specify reading from or writing to an EMMC partition.

elsa:/ $ _

So Terminal Emulator did not accept the applypatch command. Please help.

last factory data reset 11/10/2020
android 8.0.0
No sim card
Installed micro SD