TECLAST P80X Phablet bootloader unlock

Hi guys. I know this is likely a lost cause but I have tried everything except the LINUX path to get this tablet’s bootloader unlocked. No normal path works, whether a moded fastboot, adb etc etc etc. The only path left is to use the Horvath Linux approach (device ID cracking) which I am skeptical about because I am not a Linux guy. Is there a way to force tablets like this to unlock the bootloader??? This Teclast company refuses to help, will not give me a key to unlock the flag they have on the bootloader and basically are telling me to go F myself. Great company for sure but hey, my fault for buying a chinese product, never again. This tablet works fine for basic use and that is how I will use it but it would be nice to crack this bootloader so I can install a good ROM. Appreciate any solid help.

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Did u find anything on xda forums??


Thanx 4 d reply. All these aspects have been tried except the linux method which I am hesitant to do because I am not a linux guy. Seems like unless these a55hole teclast morons give me the release key I will just forget it but they have lost any chance of ever selling anything to me or my friends again. Just idiotic mentality but what can you expect from a country that gave us this virus and then lied about it.

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Yeah I’m sorry but the Linux method just uses a modded fastboot

But don’t break it for now

Thanx again for the reply. I will just use it as is for now and besides I may be getting another Tablet in the future but it is not urgent. I mainly use it for reading science pdf files and audiobooks for which it is very good.
Have a good day