Tablet stuck on Android screen


Hello all.

I’m new to the Android world but been converted from ios.

I have a tablet (no branding) which is stuck with the word ‘android’ on the screen. I tried the wipe partition cache and resetting back to factory defaults in English (power+up), end wipe in chinese (power+down). After wiping, it goes back to the Android screen and does nothing.

The only clue i have of the model is at the top of the recovery screen which shows s960_mt6735-66c_m; and a powering on splash screen that says ‘MediaTek’ with a green android robot.

You have so many videos and don’t know where to start, but can someone advise how to reload firmware/Rom/ operating system or whatever the technical name is to get my tablet back in a working state.

Any help would be appreciated with steps I need to take and direct me to the correct video.

Mr T.