T-Mobile data issue

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone here has the same problem as I do. I’m not sure if it’s the service or phone/phones. My issue is that my data constantly drops for about 10 seconds and then comes back. The weirdest part is that I show full service and LTE. Right now it’s happening on my OnePlus 6 and I’ve had it happen on my Razer Phone 2 as well. But it doesn’t happen on actual T-Mobile phones. It doesn’t make sense because the OP and Razer are both factory unlocked and both support all of T-Mobile’s bands. Any input or help would be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dose it do it when u make a phone call or just when ever??

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It does it all the time. It happens about every 5 minutes. Like I said, the data just drops/freezes for 5-10 seconds and then comes back. I’ve manually set the APN, gone into the Testing menu and selected LTE/UMTS auto (PRL) which I believe is the best setting for T-Mobile. And tried all of that on both SIM slots. I can’t figure this one out man.

It just did it while trying to post that reply. It took forever to post. Smh

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No that’s not normal which rom r u on??

It’s on the stock OOS 10.3.7 which definitely shouldn’t be having this issue. I’d hate to get rid of this phone but I’m gonna have to if I don’t figure this out. It’s the beautiful red 128 GB OnePlus 6.

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U have ur usb and stuff all on

Dose it left u have fasboot ??

Yes everything like that works perfectly. The only thing I’ve done so far is unlock the bootloader, but it was doing it before that.

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Ok it could be 10.3.7 firmware

With me working on and modding phones for over 10 years it drives me crazy when I can’t figure something out. Haha

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Lol me too.

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It was doing it off and on some before it took the 10.3.7 update.

I would look for a stock flashable zip for ios on xda.

I wish they’d hurry up and release Android 11 for it. It’s getting it this year sometime.

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I don’t want to turn it into an iPhone. Haha… jk jk I know what you meant.

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They mite have a moded stock rom for it

Twrp flashable lol

There are a couple of flashable Android 11 ROMs for it but you lose the OnePlus stuff like the awesome gaming mode and RAM management.

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Oh IC ok I must try to go back to 10.5.4 or10.5.6