System Storage is has occupied completed 128GB


I have been using this one plus 8 pro for about a year and a half. It has many problems since the beginning. It had some motherboard issues, it used to go into qualcomm crash dum mode all of us sudden and it used to restart and the app kept on crahing and after a lot of visits to One plus service center they replaced the mother board.

Recently I have update my android version to android 11.10.10.IN11DA , but after that my system storage was 35GB later in the evening it went up to 45gb and by night it was 100gb and I was running out of storage and When I contacted the customer support the suggested me to reset my device which I did, Then My system storage was 25GB and let me tell you after that I 0GB of my personal data. within a few minutes it started increasing to 30GB and it just kept on going when I saw it in the moring it’s 128GB full and the System storage is $124GB which says its is required to run Android 11.

I should have just opted for an I phone.

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Sounds to me they sould have just given you a new phone