Superman rom couldn't identify my s7

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Ok now in the error it says it’s for hero2lite,herolite, now r u sure u have the correct version of software?? You can double check in about phone or on xda to make sure your on the correct version. It also be a problem with they’re aroma installer so always double check and make sure everything is correct before flashing it will make a huge difference I also see at the top of your phone you have airplane mode on that disables a lot so I’d turn all that stuff off to

The issue must be the aroma installer itself. I have no problem installing other s7 roms. I’ve checked on the device info on the installer, and it said I have the s7 model. So I don’t know why after some modifications, the installer just couldn’t identify my phone. Superman rom is probably the only marshmello rom I can find on xda forum. Btw do you know any other s7 marshmello rom?

i will try sending greg s7 soon he might find some roms for ya.

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Good night max​:slight_smile::slight_smile: