Stockrom don't works fine


since a long time I try to install the APP AppMGRIII or App2SD. I can install them but they do not work.
Now more by chance I found a hint on Google Play at the program author of AppMGRIII that Samsung has a stock ROM that after installation the app should work.
I followed the hint and tried this with an S4 ‘Samsung GT-I9505’.
I then through a variety of links finally came to this website:
There I found a stock rom,

This site tells me that it’s Mother’s Day in Africa and Samsung has a stock rom for the Galaxy S4,


that removes the restrictions for apps like AppMGRIII or App2SD.
I downloaded this stockrom and flashed an S4 with it, then installed TWRP, LOS17, gapps.
Everything quite wonderful, only the thing does not work. The S4 loops and only boots in recovery mode.

I assume that here are some geeks and nerds who know the problem and can help me if there is a possible solution and users are not deliberately sent into the woods by manufacturers like Samsung.
My personal opinion is the whole thing is a fake.

What I am looking for:

A working stockrom - Germany DBT - it could also be XEG EPL VIA DTM VD.

With this I want to flash and then install TWRP, LOS17 and gapps.

If all this should work, then AppMGRIII or APP2SD should work.

The message I hear , I just lack faith.


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Ok the main issue it looks like your going from stock gs4 rom strait to android 10 u must format in-between android versions to be completely clean for the new bootloader , see a lot of the trouble lies with the bootloader you can’t just flash directly over another bootloader without formatting then reboot recovery then do a full wipe then flash new they that once should work