(Solved)Can you make a back up of just internal storage(apps photos contacts etc) using twrp?

So as you can see in the title i want to back up my internal storage personal stuf apps whatnot.
Because i want to change custom rom currently running android 11 but to my surprise found out couple weeks ago a beautiful and generous dude made android 12 rom for my phone.
now i want to make a back up and then install android 12 and put my backup back
i have been seeing some conflicting information and i am kinda confused can you or can you not make a back up of just your stuf photos contacts apps and whatnot using twrp?
or should i just go ahead and use titanium back up?

now that i got your attention do i need to update twrp to be able to install android 12 ?

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TWRP for Android 12 is still not available at this point in time, unfortunately.

btw, until the SSL Certificate is renewed for this site, I will not be around much, if at all.

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Oh yeah thats right but the guy who made it specifically mentions twrp ? standard tekst then ?

Why would ssl certificate not being renewed stop you from coming to the forum ?

To bad i finally tried to stop procrastinating (if you can call it that) and wanted to install ubuntu at your advice installing will be fine but i just know when i try setting up adb fastboot whatnot i might need your help.

are you on xda ? or some other forum like here and xda?

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No SSL certificate = Not Secure. But, it has been renewed:

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Yes, I am on XDA, but mostly read and do not post much :sunglasses:

Here’s a screenshot of part of the new certificate page…

Update 23 May 2022: I joined XDA Forums May 8, 2011

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Do you have any other good technical forum you frequent often ?
and do you know a forum where people that are knowledgeable with linux and the custom rom scene ?

i contacted the guy from the rom and he said this


mstrnemo said:

I am confused? i understood that when a new android comes out it takes a while for twrp to get the newer android to work

The current latest official TWRP is able to flash the ROM. Except decrypting data encrypted by Android 12, it is all fine. This means you just can’t see your data (i.e. internal storage) under TWRP, but that’s not a problem for flashing a ROM: you can use adb sideload; or simply put the ROM, gapps etc in external sd card and flash.

on the twrp site it says other wise …

What about using adb pull /sdcard from pc using usb?
And after installing a12 ROM, sdb push . /sdcard?

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I dont have adb/fastboot installed as i am about to wipe windows and go to linux.

Will install when i am settled with linux but at the moment wanted to a quik app based back up option but for some reason titanium back up wont work it doesnt even startup?

tried wiping cache and dalvik using twrp did not help cannot but help and feel couple days ago i downloaded the official twrp app in the appstore and it acted all weird might have something to do with it ?

stay away from titanium!!

try alpha Backup pro https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ruet_cse_1503050.ragib.appbackup.pro

or swift backup

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what device so you have? what’s installed?

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what is wrong with titanium back up ? did i miss something ?

currently i got swift on my phone weird that you dont get the option to back your photos and whatnot only apps call logs messages

will check out alpha thanks for the tip!

Sony xperia xz1 compact
official havoc os android 11
magsik v23
aurora store

Have you checked out xda developer, e.g.

In the ROM announcements you also find links to telegram support groups, e g. Telegram: Contact @havocofficial
Telegram: Contact @Havoc_OS

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It doesnt matter bro i am just going to use the alternative you mentioned.

But what did you mean with stay away from titanium back up?

although on xda i got response saying that apparently you also need a addon for titanium backup never even heard about?

Edit (Solved): in summary you can use twrp at the moment of typing this to use it to make a back up of personal data however it comes with caveats so dedcided against it.

then wanted to go for titanium back up which sadly did not work so instead i will use a alternative app either swift back up or alpha back up.

Thanks for all the help guys !