SKC - Smart Key Control = iKey


Samsung GT-N7000 4.0.4 M.a Z SuperLite v1.0
I perches one of these gadgets for a £1, plug it in my headphone socket follow instructions work like a charm, u have to get a app from the playstore called SKC - Smart Key Control.
My (4) control press button are Take a instant photo,clear memory X-Plore and Medical Id, Im diabetic… you can go to Youtube to see how it works… I HAVE never had a problem with it and it also act as a dirt blocker for my headphone socket , anyone else got one of there???


I have seen those, just never got around trying them out. Are they useful? Isn’t it too small where you could misplace it easily?


Hi Admin, I have never misplace mine because I leave it plug in 24/7 the only time i take it out is when Im listening to music using the headphone jack & speakers, It will ask you if you want to use headphones or iKeys, sooo simple, It has never failed me.I have 3 as backup, just in case, I have read reports that the new phones are having problems with it, not sure if its hardware or software, As I use my trust OLDdddddd GT-N7000 (Note) i cant say what the problems are, Its well worth the £1 spent… :slight_smile: PS… Very Usefull you can program it to launch your 4 most use apps, just by tapping the head of the button… Go on I know you want to, Dam the expense hahahah