Sideload Android 12 (AKA) pixel 6 pro rom aosp

Ok I sideloaded Android 12 evolution x rom last week been using it since then.
I’m going to explain how to sideload it because the installation prosses in the XDA thread in incorrect.

  1. download all files nessesary to sideload the rom

  2. next use fastboot to unlock bootloader if not already done.

  3. Now must flash the instanoodle recovery.img.

  4. reboot phone into recovery mode to begin the prosses. Then must factory rest if coming from stock or another rom.

  5. On PC enter CMD type in path to fastboot,then type adb sideload (name of file). Make sure file is in your fastboot folder that u downloaded.

  6. Once phone is in recovery then select apply from adb, then press enter on PC to start sideloading.

  7. The prosses with take some time but don’t worry it’s normal.

  8. The prosses will stall around 47% then the recovery will ask you varification failed do you want to install anyway click yes then adb will continue staging the file % will not climb but it still working.

  9. Now wait till finished then reboot and enjoy :grin::grin: click the 3 dots to download

Warning I’m not responsible if you mess up your phone/op8t is not supported atm.

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Cool have you used that rom before and how is using android 12 so far.

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Very good​:+1::facepunch:

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