Searching for the name of a movie that i can't remember

Theres this movie wich is lil older now and i cant remember the name it suddenly came back to me when watching this episode of rick and morty where they spoofed it the one about the citadel and the morty and rick cops ahve to work together and the morty hates mortys and the rick is the good guy.

Well theres a older movie with this premise accept the cop in uniform is black and hates black people and he has a new Caucasian partner who is the nicer one the famous scene where the black cop does the scene where he says he hates black people.

im sure someone will know wich one im talking abnout it is a famous movie

Anyone know it has been bugging me for weeks

Is the movie a comedy?

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It sounds kinda like “Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood” Haha

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No it is a serieus movie

Nah funny movie but not the one im looking for.

Come on guys are there no movie buffs here help a brother out!

The movie sounds familiar and I know I’ve seen it. I actually think “Don’t Be A Menace” might have spoofed that particular part of the movie you’re thinking of.
It seems like someone like Samuel L Jackson is in the movie. It’s a big name actor right?

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Man, you’ve got this bothering me now. Lol

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I dont think it was samual l jackson i think it was this guy but im not sure Keith David - IMDb Went trough this guys list of movies but nothing i can tell also i feel like this movie is from the 90s probally because i was young when this came out.

It is a really famous and good movie you will know probally as soon as you see it

fuck me this si keeping me up at night!

Edit: I looked at imdb and checked out for sam l jackson and keith david in the 90s for a police role but i dont think i see anything that could be it fuck me if i try to remember and picture it all i see popping up is trainings day with denzel washington and ethan hawk but that cant be it i am pretty sure of it.

Lude do you want me to link you the rick and morty episode where they spoof it might jog your memory ?

Edit:2 this is the episode

I know he was in the movie Crash with a racist cop. But it was Ryan Phillippe who was racist, but he’s Caucasian. So I know that’s not it.

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Keith david is in that one but cant remember his role in that one do remember mat dillons and don cheadles roles though

Does it have this memorable qoute (black cop) i hate these blacks hate em or something like that

  • Season 3, Episode 7

By far the most engaging Rick and Morty episode ever, “The Ricklantis Mixup” is a diversion from C-137 Rick and Morty shenanigans. It’s an intimate look into how the Citadel (ruled by the Council of Ricks) functions as a society.

This episode is also where Rick and Morty’s storytelling is at its strongest, even if the events of the episode might not have far-reaching consequences depending on the showrunners’ whims. At the heart of that episode is a cop duo dynamic plucked straight from Training Day, which works surprisingly well.

This might be it then ? training day i wil have to confirm tomorrow gotta get some sleep.

I actually had it wrong, Matt Dillon (Officer Ryan) is the really racist cop in Crash, and I do believe he says something like that in the movie.


Just wasted 2 ours of my time watching trainings day it wasnt it i knew it man.
but i am relatively sure this movie i am looking for is from araund the same era but probally 90s this is driving me nuts

Calling everybody here anyone any idea how about you @gregoryaul @blueswerks ?

“The Ricklantis Mixup” … * A rookie Rick cop teamed up with a jaded veteran Morty cop loosely follows the plot of 2001’s Training Day, starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.

… When Rick and Morty uses Training Day as a way to discuss the discord between police and something like the Black Lives Matter movement, you don’t think about how you’ve seen the jaded cop meets wide eye rookie cop story before, no, you think “holy crap, they’re really going for it here.”

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Sadly no reference here either i know for a fact it is not trainings day watched it yesterday so thats not it.

Edit: also i think they misinterpeted the movie referance as trainings day is very similar in concept to the movie i am looking for.

Key difrance the black cop is ruthless rascist towards other black people and the rookie white cop is schocked by this.