Samsung S7 Edge Bootloop & Crash

Hello, I have a Samsung S7 Edge, the official rom give me trouble with bootloop and did even start. Now I’m using a custom rom, BlackDiamond NFE Pie V5. It works great as a daily driver but a few days before it just goes crazy! The phone restarts it self, the screen starts blinking. And I have to format, start all over again. I use twrp, I have no root. I have tried other roms but it keeps happening. Any suggestions? The phone is still great for a daily driver.
I’m not sure if something is wrong with the internal storage. Maybe is corrupted. But I don’t know how to test it. Thank you!

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I was having issues like this that was modem related. It would make my phone work for about 10 min and then enter Crash Dump (Qualcomm crash mode). I tried MANY different options and nothing fixed it. I had to use the MSM tool (Or in your case ODIN) to revert back to stock Out of the Box.

Then I unlocked the bootloader and made sure everything I was flashing even the version of TWRP was right for my device model and current version of android. Even the smallest difference will cause issues.

Check out this example of ODIN if you are unfamiliar. Also with this tool you need to have the right version for your device so search around if this is not the right one!

If your getting errors when using the tool try turning off wifi and any internet connections.