Samsung S5 Odin error - help!

Not sure if I’m in the right section here.
I’m new to this subject and after seeing the video ’ Galaxy S5 Android 8.1 Oreo Review/Install Guide!’ I attempted to upgrade the S5 but didn’t get very far.
I get a ‘FAIL’ message on Odin and my S5 screen also shows the messages in the attached photo.
The last 2 lines are repeated because I tried a second time … without success.
I’m currently running Android 6.0.1
I have tried multiple times … with no success.
Can anyone tell me what is the cause of these error messages and if possible … how to resolve.

Welcome to the forum!

Here’s what I found, so far. I never had that issue with my S5, so I can’t duplicate the error. (traded it in, so it’s gone).

Here’s a couple of links (may contain a different model, but the steps should be the same:

Best of luck!

blueswerks … than you so much.
This was very helpful and I managed to install the new image without further problems.
You’re a legend!

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Thank you for letting us know!