Samsung pass not working after installing stock frimware


I successfully rooted my phone some months ago however I decided to install a new stock rom.
Everything was fine however I still wanted to check if everything worked well. Samsung pay worked properly but samsung pass did NOT.
Now what? How do I get this thing working?
When it was rooted samsung pass worked well (bypassed safetynet) but now when no root is there, samsung pass does not work lol.

Thanks in advance.

Were you using Magisk for Root? Try doing the Patch boot Method and then just Magisk Hide to pass Safety Net Check. As long as attestation is Basic it should work just fine. Max has a great tutorial on here!

Next time you wanna take OTA just Restore Boot Images from Magisk, Install OTA, then before reboot “Install after OTA” in Magisk" then reboot and everything should be good to go!

Hope this helps!

Yes, I used magisk.

I don’t want to root the phone again because I have an intent to sell this phone and buy a new one. That’s why I installed stock firmware.
I don’t think someone would buy a phone on which Samsung pass wouldn’t work.

Samsung pay is working fine but samsung pass does not

Have you tried using ODIN to return to Stock out of the box firmware?

Downloaded firmware from sammobile and flashed it using odin

You must have tripped KNOX then. Its been a while since I’ve rooted a Samsung phone, But I do remember that tripping Knox was irreversible. Might be why pass is not working as ODIN flash should have fixed that.

BUT, makes it even weirder because you mentioned it was working when you rooted.

I know right

Not sure if bringing it to the repair service would help.
Considering the KNOX is tripped, I doubt they could help (correct me if I’m wrong)

So I found this bit of information on XDA

“If you unroot and go back to a factory image, all Knox apps will not work.
This is a result of the Knox warranty fuse being blown permanently to a 0x1 (initially 0x0).
Only way to use some of the apps is to root again and use Magisk to hide the warranty status to some apps. There is no way to fully unroot and reset the Knox counter.”

Might be out of Luck