Samsung Galaxy A* 2018 Bootloader unlock


My Galaxy A8 2018 OEM unlock option is available in Developer options but I cannot enable it. It just won’t change status.I have OEM unlocked and rooted this phone before. But had to reflash firmware (official Optus Australia) and restored from cloud google and samsung cloud backups. It was soft bricked after attempting to flash a Magisk module.I think the date and version of firmware and security patch are later than the original.I’ve spent literally weeks trying to solve this. Magisk will not root the phone and I’m reluctant to try Supersu as Magisk seems to be part installed installed. I tried the S8 fix without success.Used RMM and no-opt-verity patches to no effect. Any help would be a godsend.I have followed to the letter the normal procedure, but just can’t move the toggle, after PIN entry.This doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue, but any assistance would help me remain somewhat sane.