S9 rom for S7edge


Hey everyone!! I am currently using s7edge and ported s9 rom which was guided by the breat max lee the rom works flawless but there ia only 1 problem sometime my camera just hang and phone will restarted after 2 3 restarts everything get back to normal!! If you are facing same issue tell me


Yeah I haven’t had any issues like that. Does it do that when you are running a specific app? Or maybe when playing games for long?


There is a new beta version with new kernel, try this:


not sure where to post this but i wanted to know if resurrection rom is supported for Galaxy s7 for Tmobile model SM-G930T?


Good question, custom ROMs are not supported on phones that have locked bootloader. All U.S. models with snapdragon on S7 have locked bootloader so no unfortunately.


Ummm… i play game too much on my device but i don’t think there is a connection to camera failure btw i didn’t face the camera issue until now!!


Okay i will try, is there any changes in this one?


Should be better and bugs fixed.


I have the problem with restarting phone without using it … in my pocket restarts , or when somebody calls me it restarts. What can i do ?


Try v7 https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=890278863836290082


Hi everyone. This rom supported korean version s7 edge?


It is yes. Should work fine.