S9+ recovery sw rev check fail

Hi all hope someone can help with the following:
Having a probkem trying to return a samsung s9+ to factory. After hitting start on Odin i get a message saying :
sw rev. Check fail (boot loader) device: 16. Binary : 15
Goes quite a long time just hanging, download status bar on phone not moving.
Any idea whats causing this ?
Any help would be really appreciated, thank you :blush:

I found this i hope it helps you.

ma777 said:

Your problem is that your firmware is too old. Basically, you are trying to downgrade your FW. The phone is basically saying, “Hey, I have bootloader 7, I won’t let you install something lower than that.”

^^^^ this ^^^^

the Odin error is telling you that youre trying to flash a revision of the bootloader than was last installed on the phone. to to sammobile.com/fimrwares and get the one with the correct bootloader for your specific phone and flash that.

also download the firmware with the frija tool or samfirm. trust me, its literallt 5x faster than a direct download from the site. The 5 min it takes to get samfirm up and running is worth it, believe me on that.


the qoute comes from here read the thread

goodluck and let me know if it worked.


Thank you for that Nemo :relaxed:
I tried to root my phone a long time ago and ended up in a boot loop and didn’t, still don’t understand most of this, anyway i have been trying to get it out of the loop and back to stock, many tries later and still no luck. I think i was starting to understand i wasn’t downloading the right sw but still dont know how to find out which one to use. Could you tell me how to find the right bootloader please.
Many many thanks for your time and patience, im 60 years old so things take a while to sink in lol

OMG !!!
Odin : pass 1/ fail 0

Wow !!
Only gone and done it, one happy chap.
Can’t tha k you enough for pointing me in the right direction.
The phone is now workjng perfectly running one UI :ok_hand:

Thank you !!!

Good deal, I’m glad you were able to get it back going.

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Okay so now i have phone back to factory do i carry on and try again to root?
Was initially trying to root to recover a lot of lost videos and photo’s but after using Twirp more than a few times to format system i doubt i will ever get them back now!
I purchased a program to recover lost files but it said it needed root to be able to do it.
Anyone have any experience with doing this ? Do you think it could still be worth trying again?
Again many thanks for the help getting my phone back up and running, you guys definitely know what your doing :heart::heart:

Yeah, your data is probably gone after doing full formats, but it wouldn’t hurt to just try it. Since you already purchased recovery software, I’d see what it could recover.
I didn’t get to help on this one but there’s definitely some smart and good members here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah its not going to hurt to try. I think ill give it a go, since i now know how to get it back to factory :slightly_smiling_face:
Ill let you know how i got on in the next couple of days. Cheers