Rooting Galaxy S9

I’ll check it out tomorrow. But I’ve always gotten the AP file any time I’ve downloaded a firmware. That’s pretty odd.

Try next time for faster downloads. You really only need AP far file btw, you don’t need to flash bootloader or other files, flashing new bootloader sometimes locks your ability to flash twrp normally on phones note 8. Useless.

Hi Max ,
you are awesome I’ve been following you for years I’ve learned alot from you over the years Thank you for your teachings.
this is the first time I’m trying to root new phones in 6yrs & I feel like I’m starting from scratch…I’ve been using a note 4 for 6yrs the only reason I’m switching phones is because my carrier no longer supports the device.
I need your assistance please I have an s9 sm-g960u1 the bootloader can’t be unlocked (can it be rooted with a locked bootloader?) I’m not to sure if it’s Exynos ( which I think it is) it’s not a sm-g960f can I root it I’m trying to follow your tutorial and the first thing you are saying is check to see if my device is supported I don’t think it is. Is it impossible to root this device?
Thanks Sara

I just took a quik look and it appears the europe model has exynos chip and rest fo the world snapdragon. where do you live/bought the phone form?
for conformation see site below scroll all down for info about snapdragon

I am confused one look on xda forum for your device shows multiple custom roms for your device both snapdragon and exynos so unlocking bootloader is possible ?

look for yourself

or did i misunderstand something here ?