Rooting for Data Recovery + OEM Unlock not requiring factory reset

Hi. I posted this same comment on the youtube tutorial, about Rooting an S8 on android 9, before I saw the link:
Great clear and well instructed tutorial. My reason for wanting to root my phone is so that I can recover some deleted numbers or call logs. The recovery software I have tried (Fone lab) says my phone needs to be rooted in order to do a deep scan and find my deleted contacts. Will your method here (which seems to wipe the phone clear) be the correct rooting method so that I can use the data recovery software (fone lab)?
Also, when I turn on OEM unlocking it did not ask me to do factory reset on my phone. It just bought up a warning saying the phone wont be protected and it enable just fine. When this happens, what steps do I have to follow to root? I’m using an S8. SM-G950F on Android 9. Thanks in advance

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Just to make it clear. When I say method, i’m referring to a youtube video which basically just shows how to root an s8 with android 9. Will I still be able to recover previous deleted data (contacts or call logs) if I root the device?

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If u root only yes but if u do a factory rest or format it will wipe the entire phone

They this hopefully this helps

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U can also try this

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