I have a new phone that was sent to me by assurance wireless it’s the Wicko Life 2 and what they send you for the free phone or Obama phone. Unless you provide yourself with an unlocked phone this is what they send you. I’m sure many people would be interested in being able to root this phone.

The phone is on the slower side but wanted to root or see if it’s possible to overclock. Retroarch can run n64 and ps1 games quite well to be honest but was looking for a way to boost this device for now as android 9 is a little laggy and would prefer a custom rom.

The phone is based on MediaTek chipset MT6739CH.

I attempted to download all Mtech drivers and use (-mtk-droid-tools) to recognize the device under windows following other guides. Unfortunately I was unable to root the phone using this method, when running the root option it sent me two links for xda forums on creating a scatter file. When i try to create one nothing is populated as shown in the instructions. Not sure what else is possible to get the phone rooted. I’ve tried king root and iRoot software but it seems they have not yet been able to add this device to their list of supported devices.

Any help is appreciated or if anyone is interested.


Did you try unlocking bootloader?

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