Root samsung note 10 lite

Hy is there any twrp for Samsung note 10 lite and gsi roms too

After a quick search i found that there is no twrp for the note 10 lite because of some sort of problem…

as for the gsi i will let that to be awnsered by our local genius @gregoryaul

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Thanks alot it seems there is no luck so no custom or root
for Samsung note 10 lite

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I’d stay away from Samsung as time goes on they are getting more and .ore difficult to root and rim so many files to flash hard to keep them strait

The first link is for the S10 lite and not note 10 lite

the second link as you can see there is no development not even twrp is possible at this moment.

@gregoryaul So what are his options gsi wise can he stil flash a gsi using adb fastboot?

It would need to be a Project Treble supported device?

Yes it support treble

Yes it supports treble

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Here are a couple of videos on it. First explains a bit of the problems trying to install GSI.

What is Android GSI?

How To Check If Your Phone Supports Project Treble Explained

I have not installed a GSI rom, but passing along some of the information. Hope it helps a little!


Watched the videos quiete interesting luckly my xz1 compact came with android 8(.1) and later update to 9 so it is treble supported according to the app i downloaded as mentioned to the video.

Wich gets me thinking @gregoryaul if gsi are so good whats the point of a regular custom rom anymore? like why would a havoc rom developer make a regular custom rom stil for say my phone xz1 compact sony there is a official version android 11 but according to these videos wouldnt do it the gsi style be eassier better?

so forexample say havoc makes a gsi for sony devices they make it for one (if a understood that correctly) and then all treble sony suported devices can flash it ?
wouldnt that save alot of time? and faster updates?

Edit: max in the first video claims it is dificult/annoying to install gsi is this a older video?
cause in the second video the guy link to another video of his where he shows how to install a gsi rom and seemed pretty easy just the normal way using a custom rom using custom recovery (not twrp) ???

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Ok cuz this way treble supported devices can stay up to date but they’re r bugs with gsi

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What kind of bugs ?

Also completly unrelated but i cleaned my fan awhile ago and even 720p videos it would barely spin my fan but now even 360p videos spin like crazy i spry it again but theres no dust?? what can this mean ? why does it spin so fast ?

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720p takes more power most likly

After wiping and reinstalling windows 10 and cleaned fan i could easily watch a 720p video and the fan would Not spin it would stay calm but now vid of 360p spins my fan like crazy
also now in rest it is using 2.4gb ram wtf? before even with the 720p it wouldnt reach this but now with 360p 1 tab open 2.4gb ram?

So can I install gsi rom in this phone Samsung galaxy note 10 lite

Did u watch the videos blues posted ? … short awnser yes it is gsi capable.

Thanks alot

Al try and let you know

Before u do anything please post what method u want to use because i just realised u cant do it like the guy in the video because then u need custom recovery wich is not possible at this time of posting so u would have to do it using adb fastboot.
I dont have any experience with that so

Also i took the liberty of looking for a custom rom/gsi and couldnt find any ???

@gregoryaul What does he need todo exactly to get this done ?
so no custom recovery possible and no custom rom/gsi that i could find ???

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I use max Lee auto gsi installer for fast boot but our websites r down so I’d have to get it off my PC it’s called high on Android the auto GSI installer