Retain folder/file date & timestamps between android phone, PC, cloud

Hello, I have a lot of pictures/videos on my galaxy s8 (model # SM-G950W) which is taking up alot of space. I want to retain the original date created & time/date modified & time and possibly date accessed & time when moving back and forth across different mediums. What I mean by different mediums is android phone <–> PC <–> azure cloud storage or external HD etc…

Basically, what I am looking for is to copy/paste files/folders with exact, original, unchanged date and timestamps (date created, date modified, date accessed along with their times) between android phone, cloud storage and standard hard drives (SSD, regular HDD). Is this even possible ?

Looking for any suggestions. Much appreciated. Thank you

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Sync them with Google , Google will keep track of the dates they were taken use Google photos for that