Realme 1 unlock phone pattern (no data loss)

Been stuck with lock screen for a week. Can anything be done to unlock without data loss?

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Did u unlock ur bootloader or back anything up to google???

U will need miflash I think I can restore without wiping data

I think I did unlock bootloader but didn’t back anything to Google. But I can’t enable usb debugging because screen is locked. It’s a realme but you think mi flash tool will work?

How do I flash it if I can’t even turn usb debugging on?

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Try to adb reboot bootloader see if it reboots

If it dose use debugging is on

No adb devices can’t even see it.
I can only install .ozip files from sd card in recovery mode
I can’t even get into download mode as realme reboots itself
The only way adb lists devices is if usb debugging is enabled.

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Ok than try installing the same version u are on if it’s a ota u won’t lose any data

I’ve done it many times on my pixel and never loved data

I reinstalled ColorOS 6 directly from recovery mode & it’s still pattern locked. That’s why was hoping for some way to enable usb debugging & remove pattern or backup data

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Do youhave twrp installed?? There is away to delete security lock keys in twrp

No I don’t have TWRP installed. Can I download twrp imgur file on my sd card, enter recovery mode & install twrp using install from storage option?

No, you won’t be able to flash TWRP through your stock recovery. With adb not recognizing your phone, I don’t know of a way to install TWRP.
Phone manufacturers should really give a way to make a backup to external storage. That way you could do a factory reset and then restore your data. But doing a factory reset sounds like it might be your only option at this point. I’ll keep researching and see if I can find a way around it so you don’t have to lose your data, but it’s not looking good so far.

Would be grateful. I’m dumbfounded as to why the phone won’t unlock with the correct pattern. I have gained new respect for samsung since they allow their users to remotely remove lockscreen, that shows they actually care for their buyers’ time & data. I don’t understand why google still allows a password reset for android kitkat or lower but simply won’t allow it for higher android OS