Problem unlocking the bootloader of sony xperia m2

I as u can see in the title have a problem but i notice max lee the guy from the youtube video never mentions sony nor can i find anything about sony on your site.

so does that mean u guys dont work with sony or something?
i am asking because this is my firsttime doing this so i stil dont know exactlly how it works and i figure i ask first before i unleash a wall of tekst here…


Here’s a couple of links that may be helpful. XDA Developers Forums has a lot of information.

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Sorry for the late reply i ended up finding what the problem was on another thread i just so happend to come across.

the problem was windows unidetified driver thingy it blocks them since i beleive windows 8
I had to turn it off first…
took me nearlly a week just to unlock my bootloader… need a break now hahaha

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Thanks for replying. Nice to know you got it.