Portable QC3.0 USB Power Banks and Car Chargers!


Looking for a really, slim & portable QC3.0 USB power bank? I am currently using Crave Plus and Amlik 10,000mAh power banks, which are awesome as they are not as big as 20,000mAh ones and can fit in your pocket.

I made a video a few months back, check it out here:

Or check out the article here:

If you commute to work daily and drive your car to work everyday, definitely make sure to grab the dual QC3.0 car charger from Aukey, this is probably the best in the industry plus cheap.


Check out the article here:

NOTE: Don’t ever buy any USB power banks or car chargers at BestBuy as NONE of them support QC3.0. I have NO IDEA why they still sell shitty accessories but if you live in the U.S., you will save a TON of money just buying them on Amazon.