Poco F2 Pro ROM Availability and how to's

Hi, I’m a newbie on this forum but have followed High on Android since my Galaxy S i900. I have ordered an F2 Pro to replace my Poco F1 running Pixel 4 ROM. I keep hearing that there are loads of ROMs available for the F2 Pro, but want something relatively stable for a daily driver, not too far away from AOSP. I can save cleaning out all the Xiaomi stuff and going through the apps to enable the ones I want to allow to message me without endless battery “protection.” Any suggestions?

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Here check these out see if u like

This response is for the Poco X2, again. A lot of the time I am finding that questions on the Poco F2 Pro seem to get responses for the X2. I do not know if this is Google failing to differentiate in searches or if there is some cross over beyond the manufacturer and spec similarities. If I find F2 Pro References I shall add them here when I locate them.

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Nice ok thanks