Pixel Experience Rom on MI 9

Today i wanted to flash Pixel Experience Rom. I watched the Video (which is outdated) and I wanted to flash the Rom but the firmware is outdated too and incompatible with the new Version of the Rom.
I’m not sure which firmware i need. And im not sure if this works for Global MIUI V12.0.2.0(QFAMIXM) too? if someone is familiar with it, can he please tell me how to install the rom and give me step by step instructions?

Thank you in advance

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You need to flash this first. It’s Xiaomi.eu based on MIUI 11 stable.

Then flash the Pixel Experience ROM and you should be good to go.

Ok. But on XDA the Guy who built the Rom said i need MIUI EEA (QKQ1.190825.002-V11.0.9.0.QFAEUXM)
And now you you are saying i need to flash a Chinese Rom. I am a little bit confused

Link to XDA page: https://forum.xda-developers.com/Mi-9/development/rom-pixel-experience-t3993151/amp/

The link I gave is a link provided in that same thread. That firmware is confirmed working to be able to flash Pixel Experience. But here is another one that works.

Here’s a link to the multiple firmwares for your phone:

Ok Thank you.

At the end of the Thread it says:


  1. Download a Firmware/Vendor you want to install
  2. Go to Recovery
  3. Flash the downloaded .zip file
  4. Reboot
  5. Enjoy

So i don’t have to wipe anything or do a factory reset?

Flash the firmware and then format data before flashing the Pixel Experience ROM. Remember to format it, just wiping won’t work.

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Ok, One last Question. Should I do it like this?

  1. Enter TWRP
  2. Wipe Dalvik / Art Cache, Cache, Sytem, Data
  3. Flash The File
  4. Format Data
  5. Flash Pixel Experience
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Yep, that should work perfectly in that order.

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12.02 is the latest but if u flash forwards u won’t be able to flash older roms