Pixel 3a system.img error

I just finished following tutorial to flash stock firmware on my Pixel 3a since it was on Android 11.

Any assistance is appreciated really want to flash GSI on this device.

I downloaded latest 10.0 firmware.


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U need to be on stock 10 for it to work

I was also wondering did u extracted the .xz file into a .img folder??

I understand that part. I downloaded the following firmware from the link and this error comes up when I try to run the flash-all.bat within the unzipped folder.


Maybe corrupt download?

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I could be where did u get it from??

The link in Max tutorial on the forum. Where is the .xz file this is my folder 16035113430576599142168562533852

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Did u get it from google??


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Ok I’m thinking atm sorry

No prob appreciate the assistance.

R u on 11 now?? U can only grade using the android flash tool

Yes just flashed back to 11.

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Now ur going back to 10 u need android flash tool

OK let me try that.

Flashing up is usually no problem it’s going back most likely

Ok I’ll be up for a little longer I’ll wait kk

Make sure ur phone is in fastboot mode

The gsi only work on 10 right now I think 11 is partitioned a little different

Once ur on 10 u can flash a 11 gsi though

OK finally got the phone recognized on android flash tool.

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