Pixel 3 vs LG V40 Camera Comparison!


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Over the weekend, I took the Pixel 3 and the LG V40 out to an ice rink in San Francisco and took many photos and videos. This was actually pretty interesting comparison as I didn’t expect the LG V40 to come anywhere near the Pixel 3, which probably is the king of smartphone photography. For…




Hey there,just had a quick question since youve been uing the v40 a lot. I have one my self and I love it, but I just found out that the telephoto option in the camera app doesnt switch to the sensor itself. Rather, it stays on the normal standard lens and digitally zooms in. I found this out because I covered the telephoto lens and it didnt get blocked out. When I cover standard lens on the telephoto option, it’s blocked. But whats weird is when i do triple shot it uses all three cameras. So its not a hardware issue.


I think it does use it but depends on lighting conditions so try that.