Pixel 3 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8! [FULL Conversion]


Originally published at: http://highonandroid.com/android-roms/pixel-3-rom-for-xiaomi-mi-8-full-conversion/

Pixel 3 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8 by XDA user ArGraur is HERE to give you FULL conversion from a real Pixel 3 firmware. While I have installed countless custom ROMs on various different Android smartphones, this one certainly is special because it allows you to fully enjoy Pixel 3 features on a phone that…




Hi Max, thanks for the encouragement. I’m thinking if I should switch to Pixel 3 ROM because I really like the song name display and also the notifications display at AOD. However I’m very particular about stability of the ROM especially when using apps on daily basis, battery life is important too. Do you recommend me still considering the ROM at current stage? Or stick with MIUI?


Yes I recommend it. Mi8 is very compatible with Lineage or pixel experience.


Please correct me if I’m wrong. Pixel 3 ROM from ArGraur is not a Pixel Experience but actual build from Pixel 3 source code am I right? But how’s the stability? I’m currently on MIUI 10, so follow through the steps in XDA and it’ll be fine?


Perhaps I didn’t ask the right question, let me try again. Noticed that there are two ROMs offered on the XDA, one is Pixel 3 ROM by ArGraur another Pixel Experience backup by a team. What’s the fundamental difference between the two, and what makes you recommend the Pixel 3 ROM. Your reply is very valuable to me, thank you in advance for your help